Queen Elizabeth unveils new painting of herself as crowd gasps

Queen Elizabeth has marked 100 years of the Royal Air Force Club by unveiling a new portrait of herself.

As the red curtain started to pull back there was a moment of silence from the gathered crowd before they erupted in gasps and cheers as they saw Her Majesty’s likeness in all it’s glory.

And the 92-year-old looked pleased with the outcome too, which was painted in the White Drawing Room of Windsor Castle by prize-winning painter Benjamin Sullivan and commissioned for the occasion.

imageThe Queen appeared quite pleased with the portrait painted by Benjamin Sullivan in the White Drawing Room of Windsor Castle (Getty)

In addition to the unveiling of the portrait, the Queen also opened a new wing in the club and was shown a stained glass window feature by Jo Salter, Britain’s first female fast jet pilot.

The window was designed by a woman (Helen Whittaker) to commemorates the role of women in the Royal Air Force over the past 100 years.

imageThe stained glass window was designed to celebrate the women in the RAF and was shown to Her Majesty by Jo Salter, Britain’s first female fast jet pilot (left) (Getty)

The Queen also signed the visitors book – something her grandfather, King George V has done previously.

Removing just one of her black gloves to allow her to hold the pen and write her name, the monarch showed of her famous nude-coloured manicure.

imageThe 92-year-old signed her name in the visitor’s book to mark the occasion (Getty)imageThe monarch popped her missing glove back on and continued with the festivities (Getty)

It’s understood the Queen has been wearing the same nail polish colour since the ’80s – Essie’s Ballet Slippers.

The Queen, who was dressed in a bright blue coat dress and matching hat, popped her missing glove back on and then spent some time mingling with the guests at the event marking the Club’s centenary.

imageThe Queen then mingled with guests gathered to mark the centenary of the club her grandfather had formally opened (Getty)

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