Photographers Create Magical Holiday Portraits For Hundreds Of Sick Children Around The World

What an amazing way for an organization to use art and photography to bring joy to kids’ lives.

According to their website, The heART Project “is a collaboration between award-winning Australian photographer Karen Alsop from Story Art and a group of volunteer photographers from across the globe.” The aim of the project is to bring joy and spread love to families who have experienced hardships — particularly, sick children.

This holiday season, photographers all across the globe helped photograph kids with Santa in front of a green screen, then used the power of photoshop to transform those photos into beautiful Christmas portraits.

Karen told Caters News, “Each of the children were placed in a scene to match their pose and what they were doing, then the magic was created in photoshop. Some of the children couldn’t get out of their beds, so we put them into the scene to give them the magic even if they couldn’t come to the greenscreen studio.”

“We have everything from a nighttime theme with snow, we have kangaroos, a dinosaur, beautiful Christmas lounge scenes, and a range of environments,” she continued. “It all brings a bit of the magic of Christmas. There are some of the children who may not make it to next Christmas.”

Karen says that although doing this can be tough on her and the other members of The heART Project, seeing the looks on the kids’ and families’ faces when they see the portraits is rewarding.

“In previous years, we have photographed some families who are no longer with us, it breaks our hearts. We have seen the highs and lows, with improvements in some children’s conditions. When we provide a printed portrait to the families for the first time, you see tears in their eyes. For some, this is their first family portrait due to their child’s conditions and regularly being in and out of hospital,” she said.

“It makes it worth all of the time and effort seeing a difference and the joy it brings.”