Painting Freddie Mercury in acrylics and oils – timelapse video

I am doing an acrylic painting starting with thin glazes of golden open acrylics and finishing with layers of waterbased oils to give it a shiny look.

This time my subject is a man who was larger than life and one of the biggest rock stars ever lived. Of cause it´s the wonderful frontman of british rockband Queen, mr Freddie Mercury.

He was born in1946 and died sadly of Aids in 1991, only 45 years old. He had written some of the great music classics of our time “Bohemian Rhapsody” Killer Queen” and “Crazy little thing called love” .

My favorite Queen track is: “The Invisible Man” from the album “The Mirror”. Mainly because the track shows how excellent musicians all of the members of Queen were.

Tools used:

Golden Open Acrylics

Galeria Acrylics

Artisan Oils

Fabriano Oil color paper

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