High Arts Festival winners named

Doug Livingston Beacon Journal/Ohio.com @ABJDoug

Sunday Oct 7, 2018 at 1:34 PM Oct 7, 2018 at 1:34 PM

Akron’s High Arts Festival ended Saturday evening at the Maiden Lane Outdoor Stage with the naming of 18 artists who will share $33,000 in prize money.

The 23-day voting period garnered thousands of responses as professional and public judges named their favorite works of film, literature and music.

Grand prize winners, whether selected by the public or a professional jury, received $3,000 each and an offer to take a two-day trip to Chicago later this month to learn from and connect with artists and communities in Chicago.

The public choice first place winners were Sabrina Uranga in the visual arts category for the 2-D work Emerge, Jonathan Chiarle for the short film Final Curtain, Jimmy Miller for prose piece Crimson Closure and The Angie Haze Project for the group song I Am, You Are, We Are Enough.

The jury’s first place winners were Micah Kraus in the visual arts competition for All Falling Together, Jonathan Chiarle in film for Final Curtain, Pooja Dayal in the literary art category for Mother and STEMS for the music piece Feet in the Fire.

Runner-up prizes of $1,000 went to 2D artist Alexandria Couch for Embody and the 3D artist Tom Baldwin for The Grief of Gaia; a two-way tie in film between Nanietta Selasie Agbitor and Relentless Productions for It’s Me and Renee Dorian for Technically Connected; G.S. Schray in the super-short film category for Crying Person Cubicle; Yoly Miller Heisler in poetry for To the Married Man at Table Five and Greg Milo for his prose Father’s Day +20; and, finally, Shelby Olive as the solo/duo runner up for Comfortable in Chaos and — once again — STEMS as the group musical runner up for Feet in the Fire.

The High Arts Festival began in 2016 as a Knight Arts Challenge winner. Sustained funding comes from Peg’s Foundation and the Ohio Arts Council. For links to all the works, visit this story at Ohio.com.