Brunswick Bank’s Annual Art Show Draws Interest, Crowds

By Sophia Di Rienzo, BEAT reporter

First Federal of Lakewood Art Show in BrunswickBEATVideoProgram 

Do you like to draw, paint or sculpt? What if your work was displayed in a public place where people can see and vote on it? For the past five years, First Federal Lakewood Bank in Brunswick has been hosting their annual Art Show in the bank’s lobby. This year, there were 150 pieces of amazing art entered, capturing over 560 votes from those who attended. First Federal started this event five years ago, when they decided to reach out to the Brunswick Schools’ art department to start their yearly art show. 

First Federal Lakewood Bank wanted to do this because they feel it gives back to the community, and helps the art kids get recognized, not just students who are in sports. The bank’s favorite part of their art show is really getting to know the art teachers and students. They also say that people like the art show because it’s something different and it’s great to see the art that is entered. “I look forward to the art show every year, and seeing the talent of the Brunswick High Schoolers and their art teachers,” said Michelle Cabassa, branch manager at First Federal Bank in Brunswick.

First Federal said that people like to enter the art show because they simply are proud of what they do. This year, Abby Pickens took 3rd place honors with her wonderful painting of the Northern Lights. Laine Turner finished in second place with an amazing pencil self-portrait. And, Kendra Kuchta placed first with a beautiful self-portrait.

If you are interested in entering the art show next year, it is for ninth through twelfth grade Brunswick high school students. Teachers and art teachers can enter too. To enter, you must be in an art class or art program at school. “We love seeing all the talent in Brunswick,” said Culley Emerson, First Federal staff member.

First Federal Brunswick is located at 3383 Center Road in Brunswick. Visit their website at

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