Art tells of oil’s terrible effects

WE ALL search for different ways to tell our stories.

For Robyn Baker, art is a way to talk about the plight palm oil production is causing the environment and animals of Borneo.

After recently completing her certificate three at Nambour TAFE, Ms Baker realised she could combine her passion for activism with her talent with a paintbrush to spread an important message.

“It’s activism art but it’s subtle,” she said.

“A lot of people turn away from animal cruelty and environmental issues because it can be upsetting and confronting.

“I want to embrace it in a beautiful way and educate people about how they can make a change.”

Her latest collection, Borneo – Paradise on the Brink, uses mediums from painting to ceramic jewellery to create beautiful images of the Borneo wildlife facing extinction and a portion of the profits from her sales will benefit the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre.

Ms Baker said as much as Australians were becoming aware of the devastating environmental impacts of deforestation and toxins, there was a multitude of misinformation surrounding palm oil with many people not actually realising it was still in their food.

“It’s in over 50 per cent of the products on our shelves but people often think, ‘it doesn’t affect me’ so they don’t do anything” she said.

“We can make a change by how we shop and knowing what to look for on the shelf to prevent the extinction of so many amazing species.”

Ms Baker will host an exhibition on Saturday, October 27 at Homegrown Cafe in Palmwoods from 6pm.

“This is the first time I’ve really had a driving reason to create a body of work like this,” she said.

“Even if I can just get one person to change.”